Mon Jun 17th 2024
About Change Communications

About Change Communications

Change Communications is a non-state and not-for-profit media facility created in Cameroon in 2010. It works to induce change of attitudes, practices and behaviours among individuals and groups, and to generate an achieving and pro-development fighting spirit within communities. It functions with a pool of experts mobilized to use their expertise and bring about positive change in diverse sectors including poverty eradication, livelihoods development, education, media development, peace, democracy, human rights, governance, biodiversity and climate change.


Vision: Reach for Progress with Change

Our vision is having individuals, groups and communities responsive to change for their own development


Mission: Communication for Change, Change for Development 

Our mission is to induce change of attitudes, practices and behaviours as means of strengthening and supporting communities to collectively achieve sustainable development by themselves and for themselves.


Approach: Our approach is knowledge and skills building through training of development actors who directly use the skills acquired to contribute to development efforts, and others who acquire skills as change agents and in turn transform third party groups or communities into operational development actors.


Our focus areas: We intervene in the media, peace and conflicts, human rights and democracy, governance, education, rural development, biodiversity and in areas of emerging concerns like climate change and COVID-19 pandemic.