Wed Dec 1st 2021

About Change Communications

Change Comms staff, (LTR): Tala Josephine, Julius Awafor and Shifu Ngalla.

Change Communications is a non-profit and an apolitical organization that seeks to use communication as a tool for development in all aspects – political, social, economic and environmental. We are interested in overcoming challenges of development for the underprivileged in the both urban and rural communities through knowledge-sharing, knowledge-transfer and capacity building activities in the domain of communication for planned change. The organization specifically undertakes research, training of communication and development actors, conception of communication-related plans, campaigns, policies and evaluation for development that targets the not-privileged sections of the population.

We believe that, “development” means a plus, an improvement in human welfare. It starts with a positive change in the heads of people. The change in the head in turn affects the mindsets and then, tilts people towards initiatives that generate collective and individual good. The processes of “change” can be triggered by purposive and persuasive communication. This is contained in the meaning that derives from our motto and logo.
Change Comms’ motto is; “communication for change, change for development” and its logo is a bird called Bannerman’s turacco”. The meaning that derives from the motto and the logo sums up the organization’s mission statement.

The bird, Bannerman’s turacco is a giant metaphor in the development philosophy of the native people of the Western Highland zone of Cameroon generally referred to as the Western Grass Fields. In Cameroon, the people of this area are known to be hard working and very development conscious. The inherent steam that pushes them to work on and on is encapsulated in the metaphorical meaning derived from Bannerman’s turacco, the bird whose picture we are using as logo of our organization.

In the culture of the Wimbum people of the area, the flight feather of this bird is called “ngu’uh”, which means, “feather of the lords”. The mere fact of wanting to be a lord, does not make one a lord. One has to work hard to achieve something not only for oneself but for the community. Only then can one be knighted with the feather and thus becomes a “lord”. This is what is considered achievement for the people. It is the pride to be seen by ones community as a lord that drives people to work on and on – to qualify for the feather of the lord – the red feather of this bird.

In the same manner, Change Communication using communication as tool, seeks to push people everywhere, particularly the “non-lords” to become lords; that is, become achievers in development in their communities. Interestingly too, this bird is found only in Cameroon and no where else in the world. Even more wonderful is the fact that its dominant colours are the colours of the National Flag of Cameroon - Green, Red and Yellow.