Mon Jun 17th 2024


Change Communications and its staff are guided in their operations by a set of documented and strictly respected policy prescriptions in the areas of financial management, gender, and work ethics.


Accounting Policy and Manual of Procedure

It is as a work-compass for the staff in the application of Change Communications’ financial management core values namely, Transparency, Accountability, and Accurate Account Records, (TAAR). Accordingly, the Manual sets forth prescriptions in various financial-related areas and establishes to be followed in the application of those prescriptions. It is to be used by all the staff members of Change Communications to ensure that, financial resources are properly safeguarded and used for approved purposes.

Gender Policy

Our policy supports the cause of the right to gender equality and the right to dignified treatment of persons without discrimination in and out of the workplace, strives for gender justice at both institutional and programs levels, and fosters a social, physical and psychological environment that will enable our team(s) work productively.

Code of Ethics and Work Conduct

This code is an expression of our ethical commitment to carry out our activities legally, ethically, and in all transparency. The prescriptions therein apply to all who work for Change Communications as a permanent or temporary staff or volunteers, as well as all those who engage with Change Communications directly or indirectly.


(NB: Details on these policies are found in our Governance Policy Documents on the Documentation Page of this website)