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Youth Click for Peace

Youth Click for Peace Video


Un Coueur en Larmes

Quand Viendra By Kamgang - GBHS Bafoussam

Peace By Diane - GBHS Bafoussam

Moi Je Suis La Paix

Baffoussam Docs


Democracy Information Bank (DIB)

Democracy information bank (DIB) is an important expected output product of our project (output 1.4). It is a compilation of relevant reference material for radio journalists to consult in the process of producing democracy-promoting programs. It is thus a bank in which journalists can access information from diverse sources on democracy and the media, and on how radio can be used to promote peace, democracy and development in Africa, democratic practices at the local level, an on how to manage a rural or community radio. We keep updating it. Members of our debate clubs created across Cameroon find the material equally useful in conceiving debate topics that promote democratic values. We need to emphasis on the fact that the content of the DIB is drawn from a wide variety of internet sources (Google).

Data Base

UNDEF - Change Communications Project

“Developing a Democratic Culture in Rural Communities using Radio in Cameroon”

Project objective: To strengthen radio journalism as a medium of promoting democratic values and practices in the rural communities of Cameroon by:

  • transforming community radio to an effective instrument for the popularization of democratic values and practices in Rural Cameroon
  • building professional skills of 200 community radio broadcasters
  • creating democracy debate clubs in high schools to promote a culture of democratic practices among young people
  • Setting up "Regional Association of Rural Radio Broadcasters for the Promotion of Grassroots Democracy in Cameroon".

 Results Achieved so far

  • Professional empowerment and institutional development
  • 231 journalists trained in Cameroon (Bamenda, Bafoussam, Ngaoundere, Maroua, Bertoua and Mbalmayo)
  • 83 female journalists trained
  • 139
  • 9 female and male journalists from minority groups (Mbororo and Pigmies) trained
  • 9 Regional Associations of Rural Radio Broadcasters for the Promotion of Grassroots Democracy in Cameroon created.
  • 9 Democracy Debate Clubs created in high schools in Cameroon
  • Project website created (
  • Deliverables
  • 250 hand-made raffia bags as outreach material produced
  • 100 project promotional T-shirts produced and distributed as outreach material
  • 231 USB Keys distributed
  • 231copies of a hand book on: “Promoting Democracy Using Radio in Rural Communities of Cameroon” in French and English published and distributed
  • 70 copies of a “Guide on Management of Community Radio, Programmes and Programming Policy” in French and English published and distributed
  • 50 copies of a “Students’ Guide on How to Conduct a Debate” in French and English published and distributed 

231 audio copies of a radio play in French and English entitled “ The Candidate”, produced on CD and distributed




Radio Drama

Radio Drama Audio Version (English and French)

Le Candidat

The Candidate