Project Title: "Youth Click For Peace"



Youth Click for Peace (YCP) is a project which with a click opens a new window to new social platforms, and lands the youth on content that promotes peace, tolerance and peaceful living together. In fact, media content, and social media content in particular on the armed conflict in Anglophone North West (NW) and South West (SW) regions, is generally violent and extremist with lots of fake news, disinformation and hate language. It is content with images of horror killings, homes and villages reduced to ashes. This violent content can generate more anger and desperation among displaced Anglophone youth, radicalize and even incite them into more violence or even into joining armed militia groups back in their regions of origin. This project provides contrary content. In the next 12 months it will provide non-aggressive and peace-promoting content intended to generate momentum for dialogue and emergence of positive attitudes among the displaced youth, the Anglophone and their host communities as basis for the growth of a culture of peace.

To achieve this objective, Change Communications will build the knowledge and skills of 200 young people, 20 community radio journalists in peace promotion at the community level. A series of training workshops will be organized for them on how to make a symbiotic use of social media and community radio to promote the values of tolerance and peaceful living-together.